Second phase of Mġarr Marina: The Hotel-Like Online Booking Engine

By April 14, 2021No Comments

Over the course of the last few months, Melita Marine Group has been working behind the scenes to yet again revolutionise their customer experience; this time through their Gozitan branch, Mgarr Marina

With the intention of constantly striving to produce the most efficient and convenient customer experience whilst simultaneously being innovative, Melita Marine Group came up with a solution to cure any headache for any boat owner, captain and skipper.

Since launching a refurbished marina back in 2011, the standards for Melita Marine Group were set to be the industry’s benchmark while consistently pushing the bar. This is why they are now launching this easy to use berth booking system, allowing their customers to easily and intuitively book a berth at Mgarr Marina hassle-free.

“As a group, we must keep innovating and providing better technology for our clients that meets their fast and dynamic lifestyles”, states Mr Pierre Balzan, director of Melita Marine Group.

“We’ve been working extremely hard for the past decade to carefully implement our growth strategy by making our Marinaattract not only Maltese and Gozitan boat owners, but also international superyachts. Being up-to-date with the latest technology certainly helps you achieve this. “Mr Balzan added.

Launching today on 24th August 2020, the Mgarr Marina booking engine puts the focus directly on the user by integrating directly into the berthing technology in use. Ultimately, the new booking engine doesn’t just provide a platform where users can book online – but also responds to the user, building an experience with every interaction. The booking engine will also be launched as a mobile app on both Android and iOS.

Through this platform, Melita Marine Group aims at bridging the gap between the marina and all boat owners berthing in it by facilitating communication with all customers and allowing them to book their spot as intuitively as possible.

You may visit the Mgarr Marina berth booking system on, or download it on Android or iOS.